The Village School Libraries

The Village School has three libraries, the Lower School Library serving grades preschool through 5, the Middle School Library serves grades 6 - 8, and the High School Library. Each maintains a diverse collection of books and online resources that support the curriculum and interests of the Village School community.

The mission of the Village School Libraries is twofold:

  1. To encourage the appreciation and love of reading in a way that inspires and provides academic and leisure learning for the school community, so that students, faculty and families have the resources and skills to be intelligent, diverse and successful lifelong learners
  2. To provide a venue, the means and the training for students to conduct academic research for their various projects and inquiries

The Village School libraries offer ample resources for students, teachers and parents:

  • 20,000 volumes (catalog available)
  • Online Resources
  • Teacher resources
  • Useful websites
  • Recommended Reading
  • College/University Collateral Materials
  • Internship, Apprenticeship, and Special Programs Literature

Selection Policy

The selections made for the Village School libraries are delegated to the professionally trained library personnel. The selection of resources is an on-going process. Administrators, teachers and students are encouraged to submit material requests.

Teachers are requested to submit lesson outlines so that specific materials can be located to further enhance the curriculum. In the selection of materials, the final decision is based on the value of the material to the library and to its users.

In evaluating and selecting the materials the following considerations are made:

  • Authenticity. Do the materials provide a true and impartial representation of the subject? What are the qualifications of the author or creator?
  • Appropriateness. Are the materials appropriate for the age, intelligence, abilities, needs and interests of the users? Are the materials appropriate for the topics and instructional objectives?
  • Content. Is the content well organized and well written? Is the content too broad to be valuable? Is the content better than material that is already being used?
  • Interest. Is the material imaginative, capable of holding attention, satisfying curiosity and motivating?
  • Quality. Is the quality of the material adequate? Printing, audio and visual qualities, use of color, ease of use and durability?
  • Cost. Is the cost of the material commensurate to the benefits? Are other satisfactory items available at less cost?

The library personnel will consult with each other as to what is added to the collection. If the consensus on a particular material is negative the item will not be ordered.

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