Our Teachers

Qualified and Caring

Village School teachers do not simply provide superior instruction; they lead, inspire, and excite. They have been chosen because of their passion for the job and their ability to relate to students in a loving, supportive manner. They find true delight in teaching and are committed to igniting the potential in every student. Most of our teachers have been with The Village School for over a decade, resulting in one of the lowest teacher turnover rates in the area.


Collectively, this has enabled The Village School to cultivate and maintain a sense of community that is instantly apparent. This not only ensures that students get the attention they deserve; it also builds bonds among students, parents and staff that can last a lifetime.


Qualified and caring educators.

Our teachers use tested and proven instructional methods, like differentiation and essential questions, which are tailored to meet the needs of individual students. They craft Personal Learning Plans for every student and track progress against that plan throughout the year — both informally, as well as through formal testing.


Our personalized approach ensures that teachers get to know each child’s unique interests, strengths, goals and learning styles. As a result, students flourish and are inspired to reach their full academic potential.


Village's small class sizes give teachers more one-on-one time with students, and our faculty always go the extra mile, whether it's meeting with children at lunch to provide extra help or finding additional material to challenge advanced students.


Supported with the latest classroom technologies and resources.

Our educators are supported with state-of-the-art resources, including science labs, wireless networks, computer labs and superb facilities for athletics and the arts. We’ve designed our classrooms so that every teacher has what he or she needs to teach effectively.


Committed to ongoing leadership and development.

As members of the Meritas family, our teachers are part of an international community of educators. They meet regularly to share the best ideas, resources and strategies that inspire learning and enhance student performance.

Village School Voices...

Alumni say…


“There’s a real sense of community and teamwork. The teachers encourage you to always do your best.”


“I always felt the teachers were looking out for me, even when I was in trouble!”


“My fourth-grade teacher really understood kids and what each one needed. If you were pushing the boundaries, she’d give you enough work to keep you humble – which is much harder than it sounds! If things were too easy, she’d give you harder assignments, just to let you know that things weren’t all that easy.”


Teachers say…


"It’s a very close-knit environment. I’ll see kids eating lunch or in the hallway and I can sit down and talk with them. Teachers are looking for those kinds of opportunities."


Parents say…


“My son enjoys having relationships with the teachers as much as with the other students.”


"The teachers seem to know the children well enough to know when they need extra attention. One of my sons was procrastinating about picking a solo song for his choir class. At lunch, the teacher sat down to help him work it."


"My younger son is not academically motivated, but I feel confident that they will support him in the same way they support my older son. It’s not just the emphasis on the high-achievers, they want to work with everybody’s potential."